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Proudly Driven

JLE Industries is a rapidly growing Flatbed carrier that values its grassroots history and strong family culture. Unlike many of our competitors, we truly built our business from the ground Truck, one Trailer, one Driver. That’s how JLE Industries began. Today, that Pride of Ownership is more alive than ever before. Yes, we have new equipment, great pay and outstanding benefits. But that isn’t what makes JLE Industries special. What makes JLE Industries truly special is our tough, professional drivers – those that have made the commitment to be Proudly Driven.

Do you want to make that same commitment? Do you have what it takes to be Proudly Driven? We are looking for drivers with two years of OTR experience and a minimum of 6 months of Flatbed experience. During our new driver orientations we will teach you the proper load securement techniques required to be safe, DOT compliant and successful at JLE.

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See What It Means To Our Drivers To Be Proudly Driven

Mr. George Williamson, who went through 2017 passing 4 CSA inspections, great work George!

Mr. Kendall Miles getting into his brand new 2017 Freightliner:

Mr. Michael Berntson and "Thumper":

Mr. Felton Watson is Proudly Driven:

Matt Wheatly and Mini Moo | Proudly Driven:

Jeff White | Proudly Driven: