Winter Weather Driving

Safety Theme of the Month: Winter Wheather Driving

  • During inclement weather you should drop speed for weather conditions on the road. Drivers don’t realize how fast they are driving for the conditions until it is too late.
  • Following distance should be increased in bad weather.
  • Clean lights and windshield often while keeping plenty of washer fluid on hand.DOT regulations state that you must keep an extra bottle of wiper fluid in your truck. You can be cited with a bad inspection for not having an extra bottle of washer fluid in truck.
  • Make sure you have food and water in your truck and don’t let your fuel levels get low. You could be stuck behind a road closure with nowhere to go. Be prepared.
  • When parking at night, do not set your trailer brakes. Roll back and forth in parking spot to help prevent yourself from getting stuck.


Safety Theme Questions of the Month: Winter Weather Driving


1. At what temperature should you start to think about black ice?

2. True or False. Kitty litter can help you gain traction on ice and snow?

3. Is it advisable to use engine brakes and cruise control in winter weather conditions?