Safety Topic of the Month


In an effort to protect our Professional Driver and the motoring public, JLE strives the be the industry standard when it comes Safety. Speed is the number one contributor to most commercial motor vehicle collisions.

Focusing on the signage while traveling down the interstate is paramount. Especially in a construction zone or during a downgrade. Failure to do so can lead to both speeding citations and warnings that will negatively affect both our CSA Scores as a company and the personal driving record that follows a Professional Driver throughout his or her career.

Driving without exceeding the posted speed limits will not only help minimize risk but will also keep you and those around you safe! We are all sharing the roadways with each other and the loved ones of one another so why not do all that we can to help each other get home safely!

Thank you for your everyday efforts as a part of the JLE Family. Stay safe and Proudly Driven.