Safety Topic of the Month

Proper Load Securement and Equipment Care

As a flatbed carrier one of the most important parts of our safety is assuring what we load on our trailers stays put when we go down the road.

And while making sure we use the proper rated securement is important, it is equally important that we check and maintain our equipment to the highest standards.

FMCSA requires that we secure loads to 50% of rated weight, JLE takes it a step further, our company policy is securement to 75% of rated weight.

Why do we take the extra precaution and steps to secure our loads? That’s easy. Our most important, and highest value person sits in front of each load we pull.

Let’s remember, there are no short cuts when it comes to assuring that every load we pull travels down the road safely, securely, and arrives in tact and on time, protecting you and the motoring public at all times.