Safety Topic of the Month

COVID-19 Safety

Life has changed a great deal the past few weeks due to the COVID-19 outbreak. As drivers, you are on the front lines each day assuring goods are getting to where they are needed most. We all thank you for your tireless efforts.

The COVID-19 outbreak has also changed the way we interact with one another. Before the outbreak who heard of Social Distancing? Touchless Deliveries? These have now become the social norms of our daily existence.

In order to better protect drivers on the road the CDC (Centers for Decease Control and Prevention) and transportation industry leaders and organizations have come out with a number of recommendations to reduce the risk of infection for drivers. Some tips are simple, limit personal contact, wash and disinfect your hands often, and if you feel sick stay away from others. Others are tasks we do not do nearly as often, such as clean and disinfect everything you touch in your truck with cleaner containing alcohol.

In the Safety 360 for April we want to explore some of the suggestions the CDC and trucking leaders and organizations have suggested to reduce risk to drivers of catching COVID-19. We want to assist you in being as prepared and up to date as possible for what is happening around you each day, and this month’s Safety 360 is dedicated to keeping you in the know.

Be safe. Be careful. Protect yourself and those around you. And thank you for all you do each and every day.

Please check below for updated resources we have collected for you, including Truck Stop location statuses and restaurants offering discounts. Bookmark this page and come back frequently as we post updates.

JLE Shipper Procedure Updates:

Click here for a copy of the Home Depot Covid 19 Essential Letter (Keep this in your possession when handling a Home Depot load.)

Truck Stop Location Updates

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Special Driver Appreciation Restaurant Discounts:

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Free video: What Drivers Need to Know about COVID-19

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State licensing updates:

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